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      Learn Handstand Push-ups

      Learn Handstand Push-ups

      06 Sessions
      Sessions in this pack

      Session 1

      37 Min

      Squat Hold, Push Ups, Plank Hold


      Session 2

      39 Min

      Side To Side Shuffle, Pike Pushups, Squat Hold


      Session 3

      45 Min

      Inch Worm, Jump Squat, Pike Pushups


      Session 4

      53 Min

      Pike Pushups, Burpees, Glute Bridges


      Session 5

      43 Min

      Squat Hold, Handstand, Glute Bridges


      Session 6

      39 Min

      Skipping, Lunges, Handstand Push Up

      About this pack

      In free-standing handstand push-ups, the core muscles and hand muscles are both used to keep the body balanced, from falling over back, forward, or to either side, and to maintain posture. This makes it a much stronger exercise for the wrist flexors, core and legs compared to regular push-ups.


      Strengthen the Abdomen and Midsection

      Improve muscle stability

      Strengthens the Upper Body.

      What to Expect from Handstand Push-ups?
      Unlike other exercises, a handstand push-up workout forces you to hold our entire weight. It involves the shoulder muscles, the pectoral muscles, back extensor, latissimus dorsi, trapezius, and some smaller muscles. The hand muscles and core muscles work together to keep your body balanced in the correct posture. This makes it a stronger workout than regular pushups or inverted push-ups.
      This pack is designed to gradually ease you into being able to do a free-standing handstand push-up on your own. The pack is made of six sessions, each of which is around 40 to 60 minutes long.
      The first session introduces you to squat hold push-ups and plank hold. The second session is around forty minutes long and comprises Side to Side shuffle, Pike Push Up and Squat. The third session is an hour-long and introduces you to Inch Worm, Jump Squat and Pike push up workouts. By the fourth session, you will be taken through an hour of Pike push-ups, Burpees, and Glute Bridges. In the fifth session, you will be eased into a handstand position, getting your body ready for the handstand push up or the vertical push up in the final session. Once you are done through these sessions, a free-standing handstand push up will seem like one of the easiest workouts you could do.

      What is a Handstand Push Up?

      Handstand push up is a type of exercise in which your body is positioned in a handstand first, and then you do pushups or press-ups with your weight upside down. This exercise is also called upside-down pushups, vertical push ups, inverted, and stand up pushups. The ideal handstand push up is done in a free-standing manner, which means that your body is held in the air without supporting a wall or a partner. But to prepare for this strength, you have first to do exercises like the pike push up that can help you balance and control.

      What is a Handstand Push Up Workout?

      A handstand push up workout is the kind of workout that includes handstand pushups and other similar exercises like squat hold, side to side shuffle, pike push up, inchworm, etc. This workout is perfect for those people who want to build strength along with increasing their stamina. In addition, since handstand push up engages your core muscles, this workout also helps you in building six-pack abs. Unlike beginner exercises like pilates , the handstand push up is quite hard to do. That is why it is suggested that you perform this workout under the guidance of an expert. offers online classes where experienced trainers will teach you how to do the workout properly.

      How Effectively Can We Do Handstand Pushups at Home?

      Since handstand push up does not require any special gym equipment, you can easily do this exercise at home. However, one thing that you will be requiring is proper guidance. In this exercise, your whole body weight is pushed on the shoulders. If not done properly, it might cause muscular spasms. Hence, to effectively do upside-down pushups at home, you should seek expert guidance. These online classes where our experienced trainers teach you handstand workouts split exercise, and much more.

      Who Can Do Handstand Push-Ups?

      Anyone who is in good shape and health can do a handstand push up. That said, doing handstand pushups can be a little hard for beginners. Generally, these people can do handstand pushups easily:

      1. Athletes or weightlifters 2. People with strong shoulders 3. People who can do a handstand for at least 60 seconds

      If you do not fall in either of the categories mentioned above, you still can do stand up pushups. However, you will require some patience and regular practice of the exercise.

      Who Should Avoid Handstand Push-Ups?

      Although people of any gender or age can do a handstand push up, there are certain health conditions in which experts suggest not to perform this exercise. Here is a list of some of these conditions in which you should not do handstand push up workouts:

      1. If you had any recent injury in the back, shoulders, or wrists 2. If you had a laser eye surgery 3. If you are suffering from high blood pressure or any other type of cardiac issues 4. If you are pregnant or have given birth to a baby in the recent past 5. If you have pain in joints or any other problem related to bones and joints 6. If you recently had any fracture, sprain, or a surgery

      A vertical pushup is an advanced-level workout, and hence it pushes your body to the limits. In such a case, your body must be in good health. Therefore, if you have any of the conditions above, you shouldn’t perform the handstand push up until your condition changes or improves.

      Even after your condition improves, it is suggested that you should consult an expert before starting the exercise. At, you can get the guidance of expert trainers who have years of experience teaching people how to do handstand pushups the right way. The trainers can also tell you if you are fit enough to practice the pushups or not.

      How to do Handstand Pushups?

      Here is a step-by-step guide on how to do stand up pushups correctly:

      1. Stand near a wall with your face towards it. 2. Bend down, place your hands on the ground and kick up into a handstand. 3. Once your body is inverted, balance yourself by engaging your abs and squeezing your glutes. Make sure that your body makes a straight line in this pose. 4. Bend your elbows and lower down your body towards the mat. 5. Extend your arms as if you are doing a barbell over your head.

      Sets & reps: 3 sets of 5 reps with a lower range of motion is enough in the starting days.

      Benefits of Doing Handstand Push-ups

      It takes a lot of effort to do handstand pushups but the exercises give you returns many times over in terms of health benefits. Here are some of the most important health handstand push up benefits:

      Improves Your Balance: It is impossible to do handstand pushups without focusing on your body alignment and then balancing it. Most people have the strength to lift their bodies, but they can not balance their bodies upside down. By performing upside down pushups regularly, you can improve your body balance and focus.

      Strengthening your shoulders: You will rarely find an exercise that can strengthen your shoulders as much as the handstand push up. The weight of your whole body is pushed towards your shoulders. The more time you spend on the handstand posture, the stronger your shoulders become. Along with strengthening your shoulders, this is also a chest workout , which means that it will strengthen your chest and other areas of your upper body.

      Heals your spine: Our spine is not built to take the gravitational pressure and your upper body weight pressure. In the handstand position, your spine gets relief from the weight of the head and neck and the gravitational pressure. This helps in healing your spine and reducing the lower back pain.

      Acts as stress buster: It is now a well-known fact that stress and tension can cause inflammation in the body. When you do upside-down pushups, you increase the circulation of blood in the body, which helps relieve stress and reduce inflammation. The increased blood circulation also helps our lymphatic system to remove those toxins from the body that cause stress in the first place.

      Helps you burn fat: Of all the handstand pushups benefits, probably the least known benefit is that this exercise can also help you get a toned body. When you do vertical pushups and increase your strength, you lose the extra fat from your body. And burnt fat means less weight and a healthy body.

      Helps you achieve better body posture: Thanks to the modern lifestyle, we sit on chairs for long hours today. And that can contribute to bad body posture. But when you do upside-down pushups, you reset and realign your spine. This means that you can achieve a better body posture without doing any extra back exercise.

      Along with these, there are many other benefits of this exercise, such as improved bowel movement, glowing skin, and better focus on your day-to-day work. In addition, you don’t need to do an exclusive abs workout since a handstand workout can also give your six-pack abs.

      You get all these handstand push up benefits only when you do the exercise properly. To ensure that you do it correctly, you can take guidance from the expert trainers at Our trainers have years of experience teaching this workout to people of every level of expertise - from novice to advanced.

      Disadvantages of Doing Handstand Push-ups

      There are many health benefits of handstand pushups, but this exercise can also become disadvantageous in some ways. If not done properly, you can have the following disadvantages:

      1. Without good support, a handstand can cause injuries to your shoulder or neck 2. If you lose balance midway, you might even hurt your head 3. Overdoing the exercise in the starting days can be painful to the shoulders

      Because of all these disadvantages, it is always suggested that you do a handstand push up under the guidance of an expert. You join online handstand push up workout classes where trainers will teach how to do this exercise correctly.

      Dos & Don’ts

      Here is a list of some Dos and Don'ts that can help you do vertical pushups properly:


      1. Always perform some warm-up exercises before starting the handstand pushup. You can do stretching or yoga as a warm-up exercise. 2. While doing the exercise, make sure that you fully engage your core muscles. It will help you maintain balance during the handstand. 3. Since it is an advanced-level exercise, you will need to practice it consistently to become an expert. 4. If you are performing the exercises at home, always follow the step-by-step guide. This reduces the chances of getting any step wrong. 4. Perform handstand push up at least 2.5 to 3 hours after or before having the meal. 5. If you think that you are losing balance, you can keep your legs together during the handstand. 6. Always use a pillow or cushion under your head to prevent your head from any injury.


      1. Do not try to do the exercise for a long time at the start. Overdoing can cause intense pain in the neck and the shoulders. 2. Do not try to hold your breath during the handstand pose. 3. Do not compare your progress with that of others, as every person has a different body that reacts differently to exercise. 4. Do not perform an exercise immediately after doing a handstand push up. Taking rest is important since handstand push up is an advanced level exercise that pushes your body to the limits.

      Things Required to Do Handstand Pushups if You Are at Home & Gym?

      Doing handstand pushups does not require you to have special gym equipment. All you need to do this exercise is:

      1. A cushion or a pillow 2. Water bottle 3. A towel 4. A yoga mat 5. Comfortable clothes

      So, What is a Pike Push Up?

      Pike push up is a variation of a traditional push up that can improve your shoulders' strength. For example, if you want to do a handstand push up, start with a pike push up. It prepares your body to do handstand pushups workouts. Apart from shoulder muscles, pike push up also engages your core muscles to keep your body stable in the pike position.

      There are many variations of the pike push up. Instead of placing your feet on the ground, you can place them in a higher place like a platform or a box. The higher you place your feet, the tougher it will be to do the exercise. Also, when your feet are placed higher, pike push up will be more like the handstand push up as all of your body weight will be on your shoulders.

      What Are Pike Push Ups Good For?

      Like handstand push up or traditional push up, pike push up also engages several major muscles in your body. The main pike pushups benefits include strengthening of your muscles. In the pike position, your serratus anterior and inferior (ribs), pectoralis (chest), triceps, trapezius (upper back), and deltoids (shoulders) get strengthened.

      Are Handstand Push Ups Good?

      Undoubtedly, the handstand push up is good for the body for several reasons. It builds your shoulders, upper body, core, and glutes. After a regular handstand push up, you start to have a sense of control over your body.

      Do Handstand Push Ups Build Muscle?

      There are only a few exercises that make you use your entire body weight. Handstand push up uses your entire body weight to build muscles. It helps build and strengthen the major muscles like the back extensor, pectoral muscles, latissimus dorsi, shoulder muscles, and trapezius. To keep your body in the correct handstand position, your hand and core muscles have to work in synchronization.

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