Dancing for Weight Loss

Dancing for Weight Loss
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Dancing for Weight Loss
Dancing for weight loss is the best way to stay healthy and fit for people of all shapes, sizes and ages. It improves strength, endurance and fitness levels with many forms of dance styles. Dancing is all about self-expression and recreation more than being a competitive physical activity. Most importantly, dancing can lose weight, and because of this, it is considered a physical fitness activity just like yoga for weight loss, core exercises, butt exercises, etc. People find both happiness and social life accomplished in their life as they dance.
What is Dancing?
Dance is an ancient form of art that has evolved over centuries, and it is prevalent to find people dancing for joy to beat stress or even as a hobby and pass the time. Dancing can lose weight as it is a sequence of movements that are described as choreography. The movement of the body in a rhythmic pattern to the music in an entitled space is known as the dance that also expresses an idea or emotion through it. Dance releases energy by simply feeling the delight in each move. There are various dance styles and forms that also include intense movements that help to stay fit.
What is Dancing for Weight Loss?
Weight loss dance is a type of cardio exercise and is hence ideal for losing weight. It is perfect for all those who are bored of gym routines and intense workouts. Dancing for weight loss is one of the most exciting ways to lose all those extra pounds. It is very similar to jogging, and therefore it is used by many as a form of workout. Dancing for weight loss moves the entire body by making it more flexible and fit. Will dancing reduce weight? It has to be done for 75 minutes with high-intensity moves and more than 150 minutes in moderate intensity for the weight to lose quickly.
Does Dancing Cause Weight Loss?
Weight loss dance will burn calories, and any vigorous form of dancing will burn more calories than a slow-paced dance form. In general, if a person weighs 75 kgs and performs 30 minutes of dancing, he/she will burn 207 calories with hip hop and 143 with salsa. The cause for weight loss by dancing is that it burns calories by increasing body metabolism. The weight reduces at the rate of the intensity of the dance moves. The higher the intensity, the more calories it burns efficiently.
What are the Symptoms of Weight Loss visible due to Dancing?
The symptoms of losing weight through dancing exercise to lose weight are mentioned below. They are: Drop in the waistline that is visible when wearing the clothes, especially jean pants. Overweight people tend to feel light moving around with their day-to-day activities. Reduced joint aches as the strain and stress due to the body weight on them decreases. Reduction in overall fat depositions in the body around the hip, butt and thighs. Skin complexion improves in some instances due to sweating and intake of water.
Who Can Perform Dance for Weight Loss?
Everybody perfect in their health can perform a weight loss dance. It can be done by all age groups with no restriction to gender too. As dancing is also an art, one can quickly pursue it with less mental pressure.
Who Should Avoid Dancing for Weight Loss?
Certain people must avoid the dancing exercise to lose weight, and they are: People with injured or bruised joints or body parts should not participate in any weight loss dance activity as it will aggravate the situation and worsen the condition further. People who have fractured their bones recently must not involve in any dancing exercise to lose weight. Patients who have recovered from surgeries also should wait for some time for their body to heal well before they participate in dance workout for weight loss. Pregnant ladies should refrain themselves from dance workout for weight loss as it is dangerous for both the growing fetus and themselves.
List of Best Dances for Weight Loss
The different types of dancing for weight loss are: Zumba This dance workout for weight loss is a fast-paced aerobic move that has a cardio effect on the body. Aerobic dance for weight loss works on the whole body. All the steps in this particular style are elementary to perform by everyone, and it makes use of interval training that helps to burn more calories than just dancing at a consistent pace. This makes Zumba the best dance to lose weight. Zumba is a full-body workout that will tone and strengthen the muscles and will also burn 9.5 calories per minute on average. This dancing for weight loss the moves of a Zumba dance are a combination of samba, salsa and hip-hop with a lot of squatting and lunging in them. Hence it is ideal for strengthening the arms, legs and abs. The squats and the lunges involved here tones the lower body and provide an overall fitness to practising it. The Zumba dance or the aerobic dance for weight loss should be performed 2 to 3 days a week for losing weight for at least 75 minutes per session. Belly Dance Belly dance is the perfect form of weight loss dance exercise to tone the tummy, hips, back and abs. It is done by shaking the belly vigorously to reduce fat in the abdominal region that also shapes the thighs and buttocks. This is a type of exotic dance that is recommended for all those suffering from back pain. It is seen to improve the posture by reducing the stress on the bones. By performing the belly dance for an hour, it will help in burning 300 calories. Therefore, it is recommended to perform belly dance every day for an hour to lose weight fast and see quick results. Salsa Salsa is an excellent form of dance to reduce weight. If you and your partner want to enter the fitness journey together, consider salsa. This form of dance involves more eye and hand coordination with the partner and has numerous swaying and bending with quick swirls. This dance is always done with six steps over eight counts of music, which is done by turning and dancing side to side. Performing salsa for an hour daily will burn around 420 calories and lose weight; it is recommended to perform salsa 5 times a week. Hip Hop Abs Hip Hop Abs is a unique style of dance to reduce weight and shape and tone the body's abs. It is a high-intensity form of dance and is an intermittent between the breakdance to modern dance moves. The significant benefits of hip hop are that it increases agility and coordination by increasing the core strength. It helps in losing fat and building abs as this dance style is a combination of intense cardio that burns more calories. This dance does not involve any floor exercises, sit-ups or crunches. Hip Hop Abs is a low impact cardio workout, and it boosts the body metabolism. Research states that it will help lose 3 inches around the waist in the first 6 days of this dance fitness. And approximately an individual is seen to lose 4 inches around the waist in 60 days of Hip Hop Abs's regular practice. This is like dropping two jean sizes, and hence it is considered a very effective type of dancing for weight loss style. Indian Dance Forms These dance forms include Bharatanatyam, Kathak, Kuchipudi, Odissi and other classical Indian styles. This is the best dance to lose weight, and it increases cardiovascular health by toning abs, calf muscles and thighs. These are also very helpful in achieving all the fitness goals, and a ten-minute practice of an Indian dance form is equal to one hour at the gym that involves working out the whole body, that is, the face, neck, feet and torso. Performing Indian dance forms for one hour a day 3 times a week is very efficient in losing weight effectively. Ballet Ballet is another kind of classical dance that involves slow movements. These may not burn many calories like the previously discussed dance forms. But it will help to improve health and fitness by increasing muscle strength and tone. It increases flexibility, agility and coordination and improves the body posture tremendously. Perform one hour every day to lose a considerable amount of weight as it is a very slow-paced dance. Pole dancing This is also referred to as pole fitness that is another excellent form of exercise. This is done by holding the pole and twisting the body around it creating shapes to the body. This is the best cardio exercise that improves flexibility for both the back and legs. It increases the muscle strength in the upper body and burns fat with the strength training moves. Pole dancing involves a lot of gripping and twisting, and it is not ideal for people with weak wrist, shoulders, knee, hand and back. This dance move requires supervision and an instructor to avoid injury. Perform 30 minutes of this dance every day to burn a decent number of calories and lose weight. Ballroom dance This dance includes the partner just like salsa and is an excellent workout for amateurs. The benefits of this are to increase flexibility by also improving balance. There are many cognitive benefits in this dance style that exercises the memory to remember the steps and heightens the muscles' strength in the legs, back and core. This has to be practised at least thrice a week for 45 minutes for each session.
Health Benefits of Dancing for Weight Loss
The various health benefits associated with dancing for weight loss are: It is practical to make the bones stronger and reduces the risk of a condition called osteoporosis. Dance reduce weight and improves muscle tone and strength. The best dance workout for weight loss increases coordination, agility and flexibility. It improves mental functioning by increasing self-confidence and self-esteem. It is seen to increase the overall well-being of the heart and lungs. It is seen to heighten the motor skills and endurance levels in an individual. Dance reduce weight and improves balance, along with creating spatial awareness. It increases the physical confidence in a person. The general and psychological health is improved with the regular practice of dancing for weight loss. Dance is the best training on how to increase stamina for running. It gives a better sense of balance. It improves blood flow. It builds and improves the immune system. It aids sleep and brings about a quality sleep pattern. It reduces the risk of specific chronic conditions like diabetes and heart diseases. It combats depression effectively.
The Disadvantage of Dancing for Weight Loss
The disadvantage of dancing for weight loss are: The dance training is intense. It requires long hours which demands both mental and physical stamina. Injuries caused due to dance are always serious and can take a deadly toll on the body.
Dos & Don'ts
The various guidelines that one should follow while performing the dancing for weight loss are listed below. They are: Always perform warm-up stretches before all the dance sessions. Drink plenty of water prior to and after the dance performances always to have the body hydrated. Take sufficient rests between the session if you are feeling exhausted with the moves. Do not push yourself over your limit. Make sure to keep up with the pace and prevent making moves fast if you are a beginner. Wear comfortable shoes that are appropriate for each dance style. Watch the moves carefully and then attempt to try them. While learning new moves, pay attention to your body, balance, and flexibility as the latest steps increase the risk of injury when done wrong. Wear proper attire that can absorb sweat and prevent your body from heating up. Always have an instructor to supervise you if you are above 40, having health problems or overweight. Cool down after every session with proper stretching without fail.
Things Required to Do Dancing for Weight Loss if You Are at Home & Gym?
The things that are required to do dancing for weight loss at home and gym are: Towel Water bottle Energy drink Proper shoes Comfortable clothes Sound system Dance video to lose weight
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