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Looking for the best gym in Amritsar? Let us guide you through the crowd of gyms in Amritsar and select the top gym in Amritsar to save your time and money. We all know how fitness goals are becoming top priority nowadays. Whether you live in Mumbai or Amritsar, Cult gyms make sure you get the best facilities to reach your health goals.
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Cult Ranjit Avenue

Cult Ranjit Avenue

2nd Floor, S.C.O. 120, District Shopping Center, Ranjit Avenue Amritsar, Punjab 143001
Which is the best gyms in Amritsar?
We have also opened our gyms in Amritsar along with various other cities across India. For Amritsar best gym, you can visit our gym in Ranjit Avenue. From exclusive workouts to high-end facilities, you can access it all at our fitness gym in Amritsar. We can make your daily fitness routine amazing with fun workouts and even diet plans. Keep reading to know more about our facilities, workouts and subscription packages.
What types of workouts are available at gyms in Amritsar?
There are various types of workouts available at the gyms of Amritsar. They can help you in focusing on different muscle groups, burn calories, and make your body flexible. Here are some of the workouts that best gym in Amritsar offer: HRX Workout: If you wish to shed the extra weight, HRX workout can work for you. This exclusive workout is designed by Bollywood star Hrithik Roshan that you will not find in other gyms in Amritsar. The workout session contains a variety of exercises that focus on specific muscle groups while increasing your endurance and stamina effectively. S&C: This Strength and Conditioning workout is designed to exercise body muscles and condition them to be strong and flexible. Our typical S&C workout first offers a warmup and then gradually takes you through exercises that activate your muscles. Some of these exercises are jump squats, clap push-ups, and hopping lunges. Boxing: Boxing workouts are known for plenty of benefits such as strong muscles, better endurance, quick body movements, high confidence and lean muscles. So if you want to achieve these benefits, subscribe to the top gym in Amritsar today! Yoga: Whether you want to learn basic poses like Pranayam or advanced level yoga postures like Utthita Hasta Padangustasana, our yoga experts can train you in various yoga postures depending on your level of expertise. So if you are looking for the best gym in Amritsar for yoga, try Cult gym and start your fitness journey. Dance Fitness: Workouts are not always about exercises. You can also opt for dance workouts at gyms in Amritsar and learn various dance workouts such as Zumba. These full body workouts are intense and burn calories faster. Finding all these workouts at the gyms in Amritsar is not easy, unless it is a Cult gym. We also offer online workout sessions for you that you can access from your homes and follow daily fitness routines.
What are the facilities/amenities available at gyms in Amritsar?
Here is the list of some amenities and facilities the best gym in Amritsar offers you: State-of-the-art fitness equipment like weights and resistance bands Personal Locker Shower areas Changing area Yoga mats Drinking water and towels Café At Cult gym, you also get the following services that make sure you stay healthy and safe during the COVID-19 pandemic: Contactless attendance Regular check-up of body temperature and blood oxygen level Sanitization of each and every area and equipment Sanitized and hygienic changing areas We also offer free demo classes. So, you can visit our gym to check the facilities. In case, you cannot join the gym, you can opt for our online workout sessions and stay healthy at home.
What is the membership fees range for fitness centers in Amritsar?
Here is the list of our packages and fees to help you make a decision: To know more about the packages, deals, and discounts, contact us at hello@cultfit.com
Are there any gyms for ladies in Amritsar?
Finding a gym in Amritsar for ladies is easy but finding the best gym for ladies in Amritsar is a little tricky. However, with Cult.Fit, this is not a problem anymore. Our gym offers training for women and men. So whether you want to enroll in a yoga workout or boxing, you can choose us without any worry. We also offer demo classes. Visit us today and get started.
Which areas in Amritsar have the best gyms?
We have opened Cult centre in the major area of the city, i.e., Ranjit Avenue. It is one of the top areas in the city and can be easily accessed from other parts of Amritsar. So if you are worried about areas which have top gyms in Amritsar, this is the one you should choose. For any other important details about the packages and workouts, do not hesitate to contact us.
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