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Cult Powai - Raheja Vihar


2nd Floor, Crystal Centre, Hillside Cooperative Society, Raheja Vihar, Chandivali, Powai , Mumbai , Maharashtra 400072

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Morning 06:00 - Night 10:00
Best Gym in Powai Mumbai
A larger crowd highly accesses gym near Powai due to their easy accessibility, and the best gym in Powai, without any doubt, is Cult.fit owing to its numerous facilities and workouts available for the members. Cult.fit is a great fitness centre with various 'gym near me' suggesting people when they surf on the net.
What are the Facilities/Amenities available at Cult.fit Gym in Powai?
The various facilities that are available at the gym in Powai Mumbai are: Gym in Powai has all kinds of training equipment that are required to work out efficiently. This Cult.fit fitness center in Powai has a shower facility with washrooms to change clothes after the workout and exit the gym in a very presentable form. This helps one to walk out directly to any other places without needing to go home and change. Gym in Powai has lockers provided to the guests to keep their things safely without allowing other guests or staff to access them. This gym in Powai also provides the clients with water bottles and towels for their personal use while enrolling for the gym membership. With every membership, a personal trainer will be allotted for their workouts. Being the best gym in Powai, they have all coaches trained to perfection. They provide two free trial classes for the guests.
What Types of workouts are available at Cult Powai?
One cannot compare the gym near Powai to the kinds of workouts that are available at the Cult.fit gym in Powai. Therefore, it is a high value for money, and the types of workouts are: They provide Boxing to enhance cardiovascular endurance. They have dance fitness for users who want to increase flexibility and shed their weight. Strength & Conditioning workouts are available. Hrithik Roshan inspired style of workout known as the HRX workout is made available. Yoga training with proper breathing and asana techniques are taught during the yoga classes.
What are the timings for Cult Gym in Powai?
The preferred timing for the Cult.fit gym in Powai is: Timing 6:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Fees and Contact details for Cult Gym in Powai
The package for the Powai Cult.fit gym is listed below: Package Price Discounted Price 3 Month Package Rs. 17,950 Rs. 13,490 6 Month Package Rs. 32,550 Rs. 18,490 12 Month Package Rs. 63,450 Rs. 23,490 The contact details are stated below. Email Id hello@cultfit.com Address 2nd Floor, Crystal Centre, Hillside Cooperative Society, Raheja Vihar, Chandivali, Powai, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400072
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