Yoga For Women

Multiple factors like hormones, muscle mass, and basic strength levels make a woman’s body vastly different from that of a man. In addition, a woman’s body endures unique processes like menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause. This yoga for women program is dedicated solely to these women-centric needs and workouts designed to provide comfort through these distinctive courses.
Yoga for PCOS
3 sessions
Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a hormonal condition common among women in their reproductive age. Though there is no cure for PCOS, the symptoms are manageable through the practice of yoga. The sessions in this pack focus on stretching and relaxing the body and mind, to reduce pain and diminish stress, further leading to balanced hormones. Benefits: - Provides pain relief & comfort - Promotes relaxation - Helps stabilize hormones - Mood enhancer
Prenatal Yoga
5 sessions
Guided by Rashmi Ramesh A low-impact fitness routine to follow while expecting, these yoga sessions are broken down based on the trimester. These sessions help the expecting mother’s body adapt to the changes occurring within while increasing the strength, and flexibility needed for childbirth. Disclaimer: We recommend you get a clearance from your doctor before you practice these sessions. Benefits: - Increases endurance for childbirth - Improves sleep - Reduces stress and anxiety - Helps decrease nausea, headache, and lower back pain Disclaimer: We recommend you get a clearance from your doctor before you practice these sessions.
Yoga during Menstruation
2 sessions
Guided by Rashmi Maintaining consistent physical fitness throughout the menstrual cycle ensures reduced PMS and regular periods. These low-intensity yoga sessions are designed for that sensitive time of the month. Symptoms like bloating, cramps, and PMS can be controlled with the right yoga postures that open up the pelvic region and reduce congestion in the body. Benefits: - Reduces period pain or back pain - Enhances mood - Relieves exhaustion - Scales down the bloated feeling
What is Yoga?
Yoga is a proven physical, mental and spiritual practice that originated in the Indian subcontinent and has been healing people for generations with various psychological and physical health issues. Most importantly it is of great use because it helps in challenging and changing all the problems of life and therefore it is advised to be practised by everyone.
What is Yoga for Women?
Yoga for women is the demand and a blessing of today's world as it caters to almost all their problems. Women are always multitasking; they are expected to regularly work in an office day to day, justifying their intellectual capabilities that fit their educational status and also manage their domestic duties at home with grace and efficiency. Hence, they need to balance their mind and soul with proper nourishment and yoga for women is the necessary activity that will help them handle their obligations effortlessly. Yoga for women is specific poses and postures which with practice helps with various women's problems like reducing the symptoms of menopause, helping with labour and pregnancy, also known as prenatal yoga, treating or preventing gestational diabetes, etc. Furthermore, it is used as yoga for weight loss for beginners females, and as a yoga poses for flexibility, yoga during periods, yoga for PCOS, yoga for lower back pain, etc.
How Effectively Can We Do Yoga for Women at Home?
Yoga for women comprises effortless poses and postures that need no guidance if learned and done correctly. Yoga for ladies’ fitness also does not require any special equipment, and hence one can effectively do it at home almost anywhere effortlessly. This makes yoga for women the best opportunity for all to practice without interruptions and breaks, thereby reaping maximum benefits. As anything performed regularly will show better results than doing something with low attendance. Moreover, with a centre for yoga near me for ladies, people can use the facility without putting much effort into travelling and wasting time.
Who Can Do Yoga for Women?
The kinds of women who can practice yoga for women and learn to master it are mentioned below. They are: Adolescent women and yoga for girls are effective to regularize the menstrual cycle and treat its painful symptoms. Older women move towards menopause to make it happen without taking them for a toss with their health. Women are struggling and battling with PCOS health conditions. Yoga for women is the best remedy to treat it. Pregnant women can continue doing this throughout their pregnancy to help with labour and pain and reduce or prevent the chance of developing gestational diabetes during this particular phase.
Who Should Avoid Yoga for Women?
Though yoga is best for all body types, be it skinny, fat, short, tall, flexible, stiff or muscular specific women are advised to refrain from performing yoga for women. They are: Women who are in their menstrual periods. Women who are exhausted after a whole day of both physical and mental work. Women who are ill and suffering from other acute stress conditions. Women who are in a hurry do not have enough time to practice yoga for women at a gentle and slow pace.
List of Best Yoga for Women
The various best yoga for women postures is described below in detail with the procedures and their stepwise descriptions.
Child's Pose
Child's pose is the most accessible and effective posture of all yoga for women. It is best for working women and mothers who have a tough life facing numerous professional and personal lives. This particular pose is known to drive away stress and throw away all the negative thoughts from the mind. It also aids in better concentration. The child's pose is done by kneeling on the floor with the toes put together. The body has to bend forward towards the ground as the person inhales to position the torso between the face and thighs. To get maximum benefits from this yoga for women practice, a person has to perform this for 5 minutes continuously, and then at the end of the session, the mind and body has to be relaxed by feeling free completely.
Downward Facing Dog Pose
This asana is a very favourable yoga for women’s posture as it stimulates blood flow through all the body parts. Besides this, it is prevalent as it provides enormous benefits by helping the body to stay fit. This is done by holding the whole-body weight on the toes and palms on the floor. The rest of the body must be in the air with the buttocks at their highest point. While performing a downward-facing dog pose, one must take care to straighten the upper and lower halves of the body. This has to be done with 10 sets and small breaks in the middle. The exhalation must be done while rooting down firmly with the hands and the inhalation with the hips moving back and up. Hold for few breaths depending on the person's capability for one complete set and then release.
Garland Pose
A garland pose is a type of asana used to relieve tension from the neck and thigh regions. It is also seen to bring about an excellent stretch to the groin, ankles and hip areas and is done by feeling the whole strength of the body and stretching the thighs. It is done by standing on the yoga mat with the feet wide apart and bending the knees slowly to a squat position. Then bring the hands by pressing the elbows to form a namaste, the inner knees are gently lowered by bringing the hips down, making sure the spine is straight. Next, the chest is opened wide, and then the whole procedure is repeated 5 times with proper breathing techniques and holding the pose for 20 seconds. This is done with a 30 seconds break between each set.
Goddess Pose
This pose is inspired by the Hindu goddesses like Saraswathi, Laxmi, and Durga Devi. They are mostly found to be aping this pose in most of their idols and pictures. This is very helpful to achieve mental, spiritual and physical perfection with regular practice. Goddess pose is done by stretching the thighs and hips along with strengthening the muscle of the arms. This is done 10 times as it is an effortless posture by holding it for 5 breaths. It is done with a one-minute break after 5 sets to help the body recover.
Boat Pose
A boat pose is simply the best for thighs and abs and is done by sitting on the buttocks with the legs. The upper body and the legs should be in the form of a right angle. The body is then balanced in a position such that the legs are up in the air. This pose is the best to elongate the spine and helps women from treating their back problems. It is done 3 times by holding the posture for at least 10 breaths and then released. In today's world and rapidly changing lifestyle, women have to take care of their health and fitness, and this posture is best for people who do not have a longer time to spend on their yoga sessions.
Tree Pose
A tree pose is a type of yoga for women that develops inner faith and self-confidence in the body and mind. It is also seen to increase stability to greater levels. This pose is nothing but standing erect like a tree with one foot on the floor and the other on the thigh. Care has to be taken to maintain the head to toe in a straight line. This has to be done 5 times on each leg with a 30 seconds break between each. The inhalation and exhalation must be concentrated well throughout the practice session to develop body balance.
Pigeon Pose
A pigeon pose is the most flexible pose of yoga for women that offers numerous benefits to both mind and body. It tones the abdominal muscles and also provides nourishment to the digestive organs of the body. It has to be essentially practised with an empty stomach. This particular posture is performed by sitting on the knees with the legs in contact with the floor. Then the body is bent backward to touch the mat with the elbow. The toes are held with the hands, and then the head is dropped to the ground. Remain in this posture for 2 minutes with proper breaths and then release. Perform this 5 times and then take a short break.
Benefits of Doing Yoga for Women
There are so many advantages of performing yoga for women to improve mental clarity, increase self-esteem and improve posture, along with few other problems that are faced only by women, and they are: It improves the six essential sex functioning areas of the body, thereby increasing orgasm and lubrication. This works wonders in older women who have problems with their sexual desires. It helps in reducing pelvic pain and managing stress during pregnancy and labour. It is also seen to improve birth outcomes by tremendously decreasing the delivery time. It reduces premenstrual syndrome by focusing on the physical, emotional and behavioural symptoms associated with it. It helps menopausal women to cope with hot flashes and to reduce their intensity. It benefits women with breast cancer and is seen to improve their quality of life. It is seen to help people with gestational diabetes and help them to cope with it. It improves heart health-improving both low-density and high-density lipoprotein cholesterol levels. It is seen to delay the onset of the disease Alzheimer's and heals the body effectively. It improves back pain and helps people in relieving them. It helps people diagnosed with anxiety disorder.
Disadvantages of Doing Yoga for Women
There are few side effects in performing yoga for women, although these are cited very rarely. However, some of them that are reported are mentioned below. They are: Yoga for women causes dehydration and increases the risk of developing heatstroke. Because of the disadvantages mentioned above, it is not advised to be performed by pregnant women without guidance or supervision as there are cases reported with developing uterine contractions. It takes the mind for a toss by decreasing enthusiasm and making a woman lose confidence. It might sometimes lead to a demotivated state of mind too. There is less chance of developing injuries, and they may lead to severe physical repercussions like fractures or permanent damages to the body parts when done wrong. Yoga builds the muscles in the body and makes a person feel strong by combining sports and other workouts to boost her performance and body strength. It increases the social pressure to fit into the body type while performing yoga for prolonged periods. But this does not apply to everyone, as all are unique and different.
Dos & Don'ts
The dos for yoga for women are: The yoga girls should stay clean while performing and have the surroundings also tidy. The yoga ladies should practice them on an empty stomach. Yoga girls should wear comfortable and supportive outfits. Cotton will be the most preferable to facilitate easy body movement. Yoga girls should make use of a yoga mat for grip. Perform cooling down towards the end of the session without fail. The don'ts that are related to yoga for women are: Do not perform yoga for women immediately after consuming meals. Please wait for at least 2 hours if the stomach is full. Do not shower, eat or drink water after thirty minutes after the yoga for women session. Yoga girls should not perform them during illness, fractures, sprains or post-surgery without full recovery. Yoga ladies should not practice yoga during extreme and adverse weather conditions.
Things Required to Do Yoga for Women
The materials things that are required while doing yoga for women are: A yoga mat Water bottle Comfortable attire Guided music Instructions and stepwise manual The mental setup to do while practising yoga for weight loss for female yoga are: Always warm-up before all the sessions. Compare your activity only with your previous sessions and not with anybody else. Do not push your mind and body beyond the physical limit and when the body sends warning signs. Always make up the mind to stay on the mat. Move the body with ultimate control and awareness.
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