Practice Gratitude

The mother of all emotions! Created by Dr.Shyam Bhat, this series will help you develop gratitude and thankfulness in your life
What is practicing gratitude?
It is a general tendency of human beings to notice negative things more than positive ones. Practice gratitude meaning is that you overcome this natural feeling and start noticing positive things and feeling grateful for our surroundings and the things and the people that you already have. Some people think that practice gratitude meaning is that you have to say thanks to everyone for everything. However, it is different from that. In gratitude meditations, you just start to naturally appreciate the positive aspects of your life. Many studies have shown that practicing gratitude daily actually increases the feeling of contentment in people. Along with adults, this is a very effective type of meditation for kids.
How Effectively Can We Practice Gratitude at Home?
Practicing gratitude does not require any special equipment or thing, you can effectively practice gratitude at home. Moreover, a person who wants to practice gratitude will have to focus on small things in life, which one can actually start doing from your home.
Who Can Practice Gratitude?
Any interested person can practice gratitude. There is no prerequisite for doing this.
Who Should Avoid Practising Gratitude?
Any person can practice gratitude meditations unless it harms him or her in any way.
List of Gratitude Practise Techniques
You can do daily gratitude practice in a number of ways. Here are the most common techniques of practicing gratitude: Writing a gratitude journal. Breath awareness meditation technique Focus meditation for practice gratitude
Benefits of Practising Gratitude
Here is a list of the most important benefits of morning gratitude meditations: It significantly improves your well being. You start finding more positive and less negative things about people. It raises your level of happiness. People who do daily gratitude practice are found to have better relationships than what they used to have in the past. Your self-esteem increases if you practice gratitude. You learn how to channel your emotions through gratitude meditations. You do not feel jealous once you start practicing gratitude.
Disadvantages of Practising Gratitude
The advantages of daily gratitude practice are so much more than the disadvantages that the latter is almost always overlooked. However, it is better to see both sides of a thing to know it better. Here are very rare but important disadvantages of practicing gratitude: Overlooking Red Flags: People who practice gratitude daily often start to ignore red flags in their close relationships. They remain grateful even for those people who are not worthy of it and abuse the trust. Repression of Feelings: If you are a person whose general tendency is to stuff down his or her emotions, there are high chances that practicing gratitude daily can actually worsen your condition. In such a situation, you should actually express your true feelings first before turning to be grateful.
Dos & Don’ts
Just like many forms of meditation focus, practicing gratitude also comes with certain do’s and don’ts. Here is the list: Dos Surround yourself with humble people. Join a club where its people practice gratitude. Make writing gratitude and mindfulness journal a habit. You can keep writing only when this is incorporated into your life as a habit. Try various forms of gratitude mindfulness. Most people experience that one form is working for them and the other is not. Don’ts Do not be grateful for everything; overdosing on it is bad. However lucrative it might feel to you, do not use this to distract yourself from serious problems of life. Do not downplay your hard work and success by using gratitude. Do not intermix gratitude with indebtedness; these are two different things. Do not practice gratitude for things and people are not worthy of your gratitude. Do not repress your emotions in the name of gratitude meditations, it can actually harm you.
Things Required to Practice Gratitude at Home?
You do not require special equipment to practice gratefulness at home. Everything you need can be easily available at home. Here is a list of things that you will require to practice gratitude at home: A quiet place Yoga mat or towel (for yoga nidra) Relax music A smart and stable internet connection if you are taking gratitude mindfulness classes online
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