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      Meditation for Kids

      This series led by Prasiddha Ramarao would serve as a wonderful start for your child's meditation journey. The language is simple and engaging and something that would captures a child's imagination
      Kids Meditation (3-4 yrs)
      3 sessions
      Series for Kids aged 3-4
      Kids Meditation (5-6 yrs)
      3 sessions
      Series for Kids aged 5-6
      Kids Meditation (7-8 yrs)
      3 sessions
      Series for Kids aged 7-8
      Sleep Stories for Kids
      4 sessions
      Stories for the young ones

      What is Meditation for Kids?

      Meditation is a practice that has been done for ages. It is the creation of self-awareness in mind and body. It is considered one of the most efficient ways to regulate the reaction to everyday stress. Just like adults, kids too lead a stressful life, and meditation for children helps them lead a healthy and happy life.

      How Effectively Can Meditation For Kids be Done at Home?

      Meditation and other practices of mindfulness are becoming more and more popular among adults as it is helpful. However, as per various studies mindfulness for children is also equally effective. It helps to become more attentive in class, respect others around them, have control and empathy. Meditation for kids is a tool that helps to build self-confidence and remove negative thoughts and appreciate life and can be taught at home quite effectively. An adult wanting to teach meditation for kids should know the practice quite well and should be ready with some innovative methods. Moreover, to teach them effectively the adult has to learn to adjust to the preferences of the child and practice meditation together. When they find a role model in an adult, learning the techniques of meditation becomes easy and useful for them. So the best way to start mindfulness for children at home is for the parent to be knowledgeable about it.

      Can Mediation be Practiced by kids?

      Meditation for kids can be started at a very young age. Even toddlers or preschoolers can learn it provided it is kept at their level. Mindfulness for children can be practised and they can use it as a tool to stay happy and healthy. There are various types of meditation like pranayam, yoga Nidra, stress relief meditation, meditation focus, and more. Parents should find the right type of meditation for kids that works. That helps them to feel connected and continue the practice for the rest of their lives.

      Who should avoid Mediation?

      Meditation for children should not be forced upon them as it is not for everyone. If even after trying different types of meditation, they do not like it. Let go! There are many other ways mindfulness practice can be done.

      List of Meditation for Kids

      Mindfulness meditation Morning meditation for kids Guided meditation for kids Mantra meditation Kids sleep meditation Morning meditation Yoga meditation for kids Meditation for children’s behavior

      Mindfulness Meditation for Kids

      Mindfulness meditation using kindness: It is one of the simple meditation techniques where good wishes are offered to others. Sit in a comfortable position with your eyes closed or lowered to the floor. Ask your child to bring someone whom they love and respect to their mind. Send this person a wish. Now ask your child to bring someone who has brought unhappy thoughts to their mind and send them a kind wish. Now as you conclude this mindfulness meditation for kids, check back on how they feel in their mind and body to make changes or continue the same.

      Kids Sleep Meditation

      Kids’ bedtime meditation helps to sleep better. Lie on the back comfortably with your hands on the belly. Close your eyes and take deep breaths. Now imagine you are doing something lovely and feel your body relax.

      Guided Meditation for Kids

      Guided imagery meditation for children is an easy meditation practice. It is also among the popular morning meditation for kids. A script, music, or another such guide should be practised. Once you are ready, ask your child to relax. Read the script in a calm voice allowing the feelings and words to sink in. You can see that your child is relaxed and focused as he/she engages in the story.

      Benefits of Kids Meditation

      Practising meditation for children helps with the following: Improved relationship with family and parents Better quality of sleep after doing kids sleep meditation Focus and attention Self-control More concentration and retention Manage stress better Have control over mood through meditation for children's behavior Boosts creativity Improves overall well being

      Disadvantages of Kids Meditation

      There are not many disadvantages when it comes to doing kids’ yoga and meditation. It has been done for many thousands of years and is a completely safe practice. For some people, it may bring negative thoughts which can be through proper guidance.

      Do’s and Don’ts for Kids Meditation

      Meditation especially guided meditation for children can improve the overall well being of a person but it takes time to master it for a beginner. Here are some do’s and don'ts that can help with your daily practice. Dos Start your meditation in a quiet place where there is no distraction. It is better to do it in a sitting position. Practice meditation along with your kid as that helps them focus and concentrate better. Try Meditation sleep if your kids have sleep difficulties If one type does not work try a different type of meditation Do not hesitate to experiment. Make use of technology as a tool for meditation. Don'ts Do not set high expectations at the start. It is not a quick fix for all the problems. If there are interruptions, it is ok to continue.

      Things Needed for Doing Meditation at a Gym or Home

      The things needed are minimum and mostly freely available: Quiet spot A yoga mat for sitting Natural light Meditation cushion if needed

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