Relationship Healer

These meditation packs will help you heal from all relationship problems.
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Healing from Breakups

Healing from Breakups

This series will help you heal from a breakup and rediscover peace, relaxation and love
Loving Kindness

Loving Kindness

This series will help you increase unconditional love and kindness in your relationships


In this series, you will practice forgiving yourself and others, thereby healing and renewing your relationship
Empathy & Compassion

Empathy & Compassion

This series will enhance your empathy, and dissolve resentment and conflict to help enhance your relationships
Relationship Healing

Relationship Healing

This meditation series on Relationships created by Spiritual Coach ModMonk Anshul will take you on a journey of bonding with yourself and will help in building a bridge of love, forgiveness, and acceptance with everyone around you.


A series of audio sessions to help you reflect on your emotional health and well-being. Hear from professionals on what they have to say about the mind. This pack focuses on relationships.
What is relationship healing?
Relationships play a great role in shaping our lives. And it’s just not about the immediate relations like our life partner, colleagues, friends, family members that we are surrounded with. These days, with the advent of social media, we have several virtual relationships too.
Each of these has its dynamics that are dictated by people’s personalities. These act as relationship killers, especially when people are not willing to work towards strengthening their relationship.
This is where relationship healing comes in. This is the process where you strive to create a balance of emotions aimed at improving your relationship dynamics. Relationship healing works towards removing the unpleasantness from a relationship and making it more positive and nurturing.
What is relationship healing meditation?
Relationship meditation is a technique that trains your mind to look inwards and assess our personality traits that may be causing discord in our relationships. Relationship healer meditation is aimed at making you strong enough to ride over feelings of pain, trauma, and hurt and inculcating feelings of compassion, positivity, and forgiveness.
This meditation is considered to be the best way to heal from a breakup as it changes the perspective with which you look at people and react to different situations.
What causes distress in relationships?
Several reasons cause an imbalance in a relationship. These include:
Stress due to personal reasons or transitions in life causes a strain in relationships. Miscommunication Mismatch in expectations Feelings of ego, jealousy, hate, etc.
What are the signs that your relationship is stressed?
There are several signs of an imbalanced relationship including:
Instead of enjoying a relationship, you are always worried or stressed. There is constant fighting or arguments. You are unable to control your emotions. There is an overanalysis of each interaction. Feeling depressed or panicked each time you are around a particular person.
Who can do relationship healing meditation?
Relationship healer meditation can be done by anyone who:
Is facing trauma or pain in relationships. Wants healing from a breakup and wants to move ahead in life. Wants to introspect and understand the root cause of distress in relationships. Goes from one bad relationship to the other.
Who should avoid relationship healing meditation?
Relationship healer meditation must be avoided by people who are:
Going through severe stress, panic, or anxiety. Suffering from fever or flu. Experiencing heart palpitations, headaches, dizziness, fatigue, stomach problems, etc.
What is the list of the best relationship healing meditation techniques?
Here is a list of some of the most effective relationship healing meditation techniques:
Mindfulness Practicing gratitude Couples relationship healing Stress release meditation
Which meditation techniques are the best for relationship healing?
Here are the best relationship healer meditation techniques explained in detail:
Mindfulness: One of the best ways to heal from a breakup is to practice mindfulness and the art of being in the present. This helps you avoid emotional baggage and responding better to stressors.
To start this relationship healer meditation, sit in a comfortable position and relax.
Start noticing your breath and try to focus your mind on the present with no thoughts about the past or the future.
If your mind wanders guide it gently to your breath.
Practicing gratitude: This is one of the best relationship healing meditation techniques that help foster appreciation and positivity in relationships. This Yoga for mind trains you to see the positive in your relationships and work on the negatives.
Keep a gratitude journal to jot down all the good things about your life and why do you want to heal your relationship.
Every day says aloud four things that are working in your relationship.
To heal your relationship, look at the bigger picture and change your perspective of looking at only the negative side of relationships.
Couples relationship healing: This is when two people do meditation for relationship anxiety together. This is a great way to resolve conflicts and create harmony.
To start this relationship meditation, start by visualizing your relationship as a happy one. Express gratitude towards your partner. You can chant together to feel more positive vibrations.
Stress release meditation: Stress and taking it out unjustly on your partner is one of the major reasons why relationships crumble. This technique helps in healing your relationship with yourself and gradually getting over the stress of a breakup.
Sit comfortably in a relaxed position to start this relationship meditation. Focus your mind on your breath, any object, or a chant. Slowly scan your body visualizing the stress leaving your body.
What are the health benefits of relationship healing?
Your relationships have a huge bearing and benefits for your mindset and physical health such as:
When your relations are made easy-going and compassionate through relationship healing, you don’t feel stressed and anxious too often. This not only makes your mind clear but also keeps your blood pressure in check. This leads to good cardio health in the long run.
Relationship healing meditation reduces conflicts, depression, and anxiety. This helps in having good sleep patterns and eating habits. All these promote a robust immune system.
Healing from a breakup makes you want to focus on yourself. This leads to better work performance, Personal Development and fitness levels, improving the quality of your life.
After healing from a relationship, you recover faster from pains and injuries.
What problems do stressed relationships cause?
Several problems arise in the absence of relationship healing. These include:
Not healing after a breakup leads to the accumulation of negative feelings. This makes you unusually cranky and irritable. When you don’t heal your relationships you get chronic stress and anxiety. This leads to serious problems like heart issues, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. Not healing from a relationship sets back your mental health. You cant concentrate and stay focused. You experience constant pains and fatigue in the absence of relationship healer techniques. Not practicing relationship healing meditation makes you suffer from frequent headaches and migraine spells. Not healing after a breakup reduces your immunity levels leaving you susceptible to diseases and infections.
What are the dos and don’ts of relationship healing meditation?
Here are some tips for practicing relationship healer meditation:
Learn relationship healer meditation from an experienced trainer to get the desired results. Practice Morning Meditation when you are calmer and there are no distractions. You can compound the benefits of meditation by doing exercise after breakup for better health.
Never have unrealistic goals from meditation for relationship anxiety. Give yourself adequate time to heal. Relationship healing meditation must not be done when you are unwell or feeling stressed.
What are the things required to do relationship healing meditation?
Here are the things that make your relationship healer meditation session more effective:
Comfortable clothes Soothing music Water bottle