Sleep Stories for Kids

Meditation pack specially design for kids led by Prasiddha Ramarao comprises wonderful stories that will excite them, relax them and delight them.
Bedtime Stories for Kids
Little ones love listening to stories, especially before sleeping. Short bedtime stories not only create an eagerness in kids but also sharpens memory, improves language, and strengthens their creative thinking. Children create an imaginative world when they listen to any story, and this helps in brain development. Listening to children's sleep story helps in getting a relaxed and deep sleep. Pranayama breathing also aids in sound sleep and proves very effective if introduced to kids right from an early age. For working parents, thinking of a new story every day or pulling out time for reading sleep stories for kids might be a difficult task in this busy life. Well, this is sorted as you can access a lot of stories for sleeping beauty for kids on your fingertips. Sleep stories for kids are specially designed by understanding the functioning of kids psychology. The combination of the best baby bedtime story takes your child on a wonderful journey that will ignite their imagination to the best. The stories created in a melodious voice will help the kids to relax and soothes the mind so that they can sleep better. The imaginary and descriptive tone of the story helps to unlock the creative minds of the little ones. The best part of the entire process is that it keeps your child away from any kind of direct or indirect distractions.
Sound Sleep Matters
A night of good quality uninterrupted sleep is critically important as good quality food and physical activities for the proper growth and development of kids. A child needs to have proper physical as well as mental rest for functioning properly. In this hectic life where parents are running after work and kids have early morning schools, days full of school activities and then late night sleep schedule might look normal, but it is not. A restless brain and body might bring up consequences over a period of time. Not only the right amount of sleep, but the right quality of sleep is also important. A sound sleep recharges the battery of the brain along with helping in creating brain muscles. Sleeping well allows you to be physically relaxed and mentally alert along with increasing the attention span. Sleep meditation is one of the best-proven ways to achieve better quality sleep as it helps in falling asleep fast without any distraction. You can introduce the meditation techniques by using meditation for beginners that involves an easy and smooth process.
Benefits of Bedtime Stories for kids for the Little One
Listening to beautiful stories before sleeping creates positivity and prevents nightmares. The 4-year-old bedtime stories help in building vocabulary and achieve mastery in language. This way your child can learn the second language also with ease. Bedtime stories can teach them good moral values and good manners. It will also let them know about what are good and bad things. It will boost up creative thinking and thereby it will encourage the imaginative power of the little ones. It creates a positive impact on the brain development of kids. It activates the brain areas supporting narrative comprehension from an early age. It can help in creating logical and reasoning skills, and these skills will help the child later on in school. This way you can encourage your child to read and eventually incline their interests towards reading. Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, sleep stories for kids help in cognitive development as well. Consistently maintaining the night time routine that involves sleep stories will help you to know about the way of thinking and viewpoint of your kid. Ensure to keep your phone away from the kids so that the screen light does not disturb sleeping. Prepare the room and bed in advance before starting the 3-year-old bedtime stories.
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