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      Flight Anxiety

      Flight Anxiety

      01 Session
      Sessions in this pack

      Session 1

      5 Min

      About this pack

      A 5 minute session that decreases anxiety and stress before or during your flight so you have a relaxed journey


      Reduce anxiety and stress prior to or during a flight

      Relaxed body and mind through the journey

      What to expect from Flight Anxiety?
      Get started with breathing exercises: We begin the session with some breathing exercises where you breathe in deeply and completely through your nose and breathe out slowly through your mouth. This allows your body to relax with each breath. Once you do them a few times, your breathing will automatically form a rhythm helping you relax properly.
      How the techniques work:
      One of the main causes of flight anxiety is the anticipation of unlikely future events that trigger a response. By using the best meditation for anxiety and completely focusing on your breathing, you can assure yourself that you are completely safe in the present. Also, you need to remind yourself that flight travel is actually safer than other modes of transport including driving allowing yourself to relax and think logically. In case, your mind wanders in the direction of fearful thoughts, for overcoming anxiety you just simply need to bring your attention back to your breathing and the thoughts will vanish in no time.
      Practise regularly:
      You can listen to this audio while meditating as many times as you want, whenever you feel worried about flying. Don’t let your anxiety and fear come in the way of an experience of a lifetime as overcoming anxiety is actually not that hard.

      What is Flight Anxiety Meditation for beginners?

      Do you love traveling, but the idea of taking a flight fills you with dread? Even the thought of boarding a plane makes your heart beat faster, you get sweaty, and start experiencing palpitations is an indication of flight anxiety. In simple words, flight anxiety refers to the fear of flying, and sometimes this fear is so profound that the person decides to forgo the plan of flying altogether. He or she is unable to handle the distress associated with air travel. When this fear becomes too much to handle and becomes life-limiting, it is time to ask how to deal with anxiety or how to control anxiety? Anxiety Meditation seems to be the answer to this problem.

      Flight Anxiety - The Basics

      Many people visit a doctor to find the solution to this problem as this irrational fear starts impacting their career and find flying nothing short of a terrifying experience. Most often than not, the doctor suggests meditation along with medication to overcome this problem. In some extreme cases, the person may also get panic attacks, which may come very abruptly and leave the person gasping for breath. It is important to start with meditation like 1-minute, 5-minute and 10-minute meditation techniques even if you are a beginner to overcome these attacks. Anxiety attacks are fairly common and fill the person with so much fear that he is ready to go the extra mile to avoid flying. It is imperative to find a solution to this problem. Anxiety meditation is the way to go whether you are a beginner or a professional. If you are experiencing an acute fear of flying, here we help you understand how meditation can help you when looking for how to overcome anxiety issues.

      How to Do Flight Anxiety Meditation?

      Meditation is a proven way to overcome the fear of flying. The meditation for anxiety and depression can do wonders in solving this problem. If you are a beginner, start practicing meditation under the guidance of an expert. The expert will not only teach you the nuances of meditation but will also give you a few tips that shall help you. Start meditation as early as when you are on your way to the airport. Avoid getting worked up and focus on your breath when carrying out Anxiety meditation. A short visualization exercise in Anxiety meditation can help you immensely. Close your eyes and start imagining your arrival at the airport, lovely views, amazing ambiance, the hustle and bustle of the passengers, cheerful ground staff, duty-free shopping, and more. It will help you relax a bit. Keep positive thoughts flowing through your mind. Follow the same pattern when you are standing in the security line, getting ushered through the aisle to your seat, waiting for the take-off, etc. While keeping your thoughts on positive aspects in and around your life, you can also focus on meditation for stress and anxiety to stay calm. Using destructive techniques in Anxiety meditation helps a lot, along with meditation, to keep your fear of flying at bay. It makes use of your five senses, which prevents you from focusing on the very idea of flying.

      Tips and Techniques of Anxiety Meditation for overcoming Flight Anxiety

      Get settled in a calm and quiet place where distractions are minimum, and you can focus on the meditation practice if you wish to control flight anxiety. Take a deep breath and relax your body. Focus on every part of your body and try loosening it till your body feels lighter and unencumbered. Try to notice the sensations all around you during anxiety meditation. Acknowledge all the senses surrounding you. Check-in on various pains, aches, or discomforts, and move on to become aware of the sensations all around you. Gently notice your mood and observe it without any judgment if you want to control the problem of flight anxiety. Consider why you are meditating today. If you aim to know how to deal with anxiety, focus on the same, and allow your mind to feel calmer and better. Always focus and observe the breath, how you are taking a deep breath in and taking out distracting thoughts and toxins from the body. Keep your focus on breathing without forcing it unnecessarily when engaged in meditation. Set your mind free and feel calm and focused, even when surrounded by many thoughts and ideas. Gently become aware of your surroundings and come to your awakened state. Going for guided anxiety meditation for beginners helps them in getting benefitted in several ways. Meditation for anxiety and depression reduces their fear of flying step by step and helps them to relax and in total control over their thoughts. Meditation for stress and anxiety brings a lot of improvement to short-term memory and teaches the mind to focus on important things. It helps in getting an improvement in long-term memory.

      Benefits of Anxiety Meditation for Flight Anxiety

      There are different benefits of anxiety meditation for beginners and it helps in various ways bringing multiple benefits. Here are a few of them. Guided Meditation - People with an irrational fear of flights find a lot of relief with a guided meditation for anxiety. It is a proven way to help people with the fear of flying. It combines body awareness and guided imagery to relax people gently. Mindful Meditation- Another way of handling flight fear is mindfulness meditation anxiety. In this therapy, one focus or concentration is established; the person starts observing a steady flow of emotions, inner thoughts, and various bodily sensations. If you practice a meditation technique for anxiety, you shall notice senses like touch, sights, and sounds that will create a moment-by-moment experience. Breathing- While engaged in meditation for fear and anxiety, do not lose your focus on breathing. Try to breathe as normally and naturally as possible without feeling overwhelmed. If various thoughts are coming to your mind, allow them to enter and pass. Confidence Meditation- Meditation has a lot of benefits, and confidence-building is one of them. Practicing confidence meditation helps a person take a good look at himself. Panic Attack Meditation- Many fliers experience an extreme sense of panic, resulting in a panic attack. It keeps them away from air travel. Practicing panic attack meditation helps to relax the mind, and a sense of calm washes over the person. This practice amps up activities in various parts of the brain focused on calmness, focus, stress processing, and more. It also helps in treating issues like depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, etc. Memory Improvement- Mindfulness has also been known to provide immense help in improving memory. Thus, students are encouraged to engage in meditation to improve memory. Once learned, it can be practiced anywhere. The results of meditation to reduce anxiety are truly astounding.

      Disadvantages of not doing Meditation for Flight Anxiety

      Meditation has proven to be effective in managing anxiety. A disadvantage of not trying anxiety meditation is increased anxiety levels before and during a flight.

      Flight Anxiety- How Meditation Affects the Overall Mental Health?

      The meditation expert will help you keep your mind distracted and focus on your inner being bringing you relief from your anxiety issues. Here is how it can be done. If you love reading, books can be your best companion when flying. Carry your favourite book or make use of in-flight entertainment or watch a nice movie If a particular smell brings you a sense of calm and peace, spray it on your scarf and wear it on your neck. It will give you a soothing experience when doing Anxiety meditation. You can also have your favourite candy or chewing gum that will relax your facial muscles. You can also drink non-caffeinated drinks. Music is a form of meditation and has immense power. It can help you feel relaxed and at ease. Use noise-canceling drum beats so that your mind completely focuses on the music in your ears. Carry on with meditation to reduce anxiety at the same time. Carry your pillow or a soft blanket that brings you a sense of peace. Touching it while flying or take-off will keep your senses soothed and relaxed.

      Flight Anxiety- The Best Way to Manage

      The process of meditation for beginners is very simple and straightforward. It is also a perfect answer to your question on how to control anxiety when taking a flight. People grappling with flight anxiety and wish to know how to deal with anxiety will find answers to their concerns through this post. Practicing meditation helps people board a flight without any fear or stress.

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