Flight Anxiety

Flight Anxiety

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A 5 minute session that decreases anxiety and stress before or during your flight so you have a relaxed journey


Reducing anxiety and stress prior to or during a flight


Relaxing body and mind through the journey

What to expect from Flight Anxiety?
Get started with breathing exercises: We begin the session with some breathing exercises where you breathe in deeply and completely through your nose and breathe out slowly through your mouth. This allows your body to relax with each breath. Once you do them a few times, your breathing will automatically form a rhythm helping you relax properly.
How the techniques work:
One of the main causes of flight anxiety is the anticipation of unlikely future events that trigger a response. By using the best meditation for anxiety and completely focusing on your breathing, you can assure yourself that you are completely safe in the present. Also, you need to remind yourself that flight travel is actually safer than other modes of transport including driving allowing yourself to relax and think logically. In case, your mind wanders in the direction of fearful thoughts, for overcoming anxiety you just simply need to bring your attention back to your breathing and the thoughts will vanish in no time.
Practise regularly:
You can listen to this audio while meditating as many times as you want, whenever you feel worried about flying. Don’t let your anxiety and fear come in the way of an experience of a lifetime as overcoming anxiety is actually not that hard.
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