Pre exam Stress

Pre exam Stress

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About this pack

A 5 minute session that will reduce stress before exams, increasing recall and memory


Decreasing exam stress


Improving confidence for better exam performance


Improving memory and recall

What to expect from Pre exam Stress?
Focus on breathing: By practising simple meditation before exam you will be able to feel tension leaving all the parts of your body. After taking a few more breaths like that we get into a state of meditation.
Reassure yourself:
Tell yourself that you have studied to your best capability and trust your mind to recollect whatever you have studied for the testBelieve in yourself and your capabilities, stay completely calm and you will notice that you perform considerably better when you are completely relaxed as meditation before exam can help with exam stress management. Also, remember that an exam can’t decide your future and that there’s much more to life.
Follow the instructions properly:
Listen to the instructions of this session and meditate alongside before an important exam so that you get rid of the jitters and feel confident. You can listen to this session as many times as you wish meditation to improve memory is one of the best stress management methods and we recommend that you practise meditation daily for a better life.
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