Heartfelt Gratitude

Heartfelt Gratitude

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Heartfelt Gratitude

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5 min daily gratitude check in on the blessings in life


Increasing the sense of gratitude and well being

What to expect from Heartfelt Gratitude?
A little gratitude can take us a long way in life. And it is this sense of gratitude, one of the strongest emotions filled with positive energy that is one of the secrets to happiness.
About the session:
In this session, we will learn how to inculcate gratitude in our daily lives. We begin our meditation for gratitude and positivity session, by sitting down in a comfortable posture and taking deep breaths in and breathing out gently and completely through the mouth, relaxing with every breath and becoming aware of the whole body.
Focus of these sessions:
We move our attention to our heart and think about all the moments of joy and show appreciation for it. Then, we focus on the moments of learning and the helping hands that we received and be grateful for them and finally express our gratitude to our body, the food we ate, our life and everything that we have today.
When to perform these sessions:
Daily gratitude meditation can help remind you that you already have all that you need and brings a certain sense of satisfaction. Practise expressing gratitude on a daily basis and it will change your life.
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