Working Mindfully

Working Mindfully

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Working Mindfully

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A 5 min session on building awareness of ergonomics, attitude and emotions to be more focused and productive


Creating a habit of meditation


Increasing passion for work

What to expect from Working Mindfully?
As you know, meditation is one of the best methods to improve productivity while working. In this session we do things a bit differently.
About the sessions:
Instead of sitting in our usual meditative pose, we start off by sitting comfortably on a chair in front of our PC or laptop like we normally would, while working. We then extend our hands to check if the screen is at an arm’s length and if it isn’t, we need to adjust the distance so that the screen is appropriately placed. Then you need to check if your feet are grounded and at a hip’s distance from each other. We begin by placing our hands on our knees and ensure we don’t take the support of the arm rest or the back rest.
Benefits of meditation:
The idea is to become aware of the whole body and our posture and check if we feel tension in any parts of the body. By becoming aware of our breathing pattern and then moving the focus to different parts of the body and noticing the sensations, we become completely aware of our body and can proceed to the second stage that is positive affirmations where we prepare ourselves to be focused at our work goals to boost productivity.
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