How to make Bread Crumbs

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Of the millions of ingredients used in kitchens across the world today, you would probably come across very few of them that are as versatile and widely used as breadcrumbs. They are used as toppings in a wide range of dishes from desserts to soups and also to give fried food items a crispier outer coating. Knowing How to make Bread Crumbs is, therefore, an essential and easy skill that every cook ... would greatly benefit from. The origins of bread are almost as old as historical records themselves as flatbread samples have been found at sites dating back to the Stone Age, from over twelve to fourteen thousand years ago. Somewhere down the line, humans figured out that this bread could be broken down into a fine mixture and used in a variety of food items. You can learn How to make Bread Crumbs at Home in less than five minutes. Bread is an excellent source of carbohydrates and therefore ensures limitless possibilities in terms of incorporating bread crumbs into a meal. Bread crumbs especially toasted slightly, make for an excellent topping for soups, pasta and even salads. Thanks to the crunchy and delicious texture it adds to every dish, it is sure to be a hit among kids.

Nutrition Info. (per serving)

ProteinFatCarbsFibre258 Cal258 Cal258 Cal258 Cal
  • 12gProtein
  • 0gFat
  • 48gCarbs
  • 0gFibre



Brown Bread Slice

Brown Bread Slice

150 g

Take fresh brown bread slices, roughly cut it into chunks.
In a blender jar, add bread slices and pulse grind it to get a coarse texture.
Scrape the sides if required, blend until you get the desired breadcrumb texture.
Transfer it to an airtight container, and use as required. Store it in the fridge.
Bread Crumbs Tips
Once you learn How to make Bread Crumbs can even use it while baking a cake or sprinkle a little on a cup of ice cream to add a unique texture to the dish. Using multi-grain or whole wheat bread to make bread crumbs can further push down the Bread Crumbs Calories count while giving you plenty of energy. You could also whip up a special meal with bread crumbs if you are feeling adventurous by adding freshly chopped vegetables, little bits of cheese, nuts and some spices. This could make for a healthy and refreshing snack or even a light meal as preferred. There are also plenty of Bread Crumbs Benefits if wholegrain bread is used as it provides plenty of dietary fibre and other nutrients that boost general health and well being. Watch the How to make Bread Crumbs Video now to learn How to make Bread Crumbs. Make sure to refrigerate to ensure that it remains fresh for future use as well!


We hope you had fun making it! Enjoy the meal.

Bread Crumbs
Bread crumbs are crumbled bread added to certain top dishes like casseroles, stuffed poultry, thicken soups and stews, or make a crispy and crunchy cover for fried foods like cutlets. They come in different levels of dryness, with seasoning added rarely. And how to make bread crumbs is described below, with three methods forming three different kinds of bread crumbs. And they are well known for making various recipes like chicken nuggets, bread cutlet, onion rings, and veg cutlet
Nutritional Value of Bread Crumbs
The nutritional information in 100 grams of bread crumbs are: Energy 258 calories Total Fat 0 grams Sodium 510.1 milligrams Potassium 141.3 milligrams Total Carbohydrates 48 grams Fibre 0 grams Sugars 5.1 grams Protein 12 grams Calcium 12% Thiamin 33% Vitamin B6 6% Folic Acid 21% Magnesium 8% Iodine 2% Copper 9% Iron 12% Riboflavin 13% Vitamin B12 6% Niacin 17% Phosphorus 13% Zinc 7% Pantothenic acid 6%
Types of Bread Crumbs
The different types of bread crumbs are: Fresh Bread crumbs This is made from soft and fresh bread crumbs. Therefore, they are not very dry but produce a smooth coat, crust or stuffing to all the dishes that they are incorporated. The crumbs here are made only from the inner part of the bread, and the crust is distinguished and removed to form a very soft texture to all the recipes. Thus, how to make bread crumbs is a very instant and easy process by just grinding the inner portion of bread at home in a blender. This also answers the question as to how to make bread crumbs fast. Dry Bread crumbs This is the kind of bread crumbs from toasted or baked loaves of bread to remove all the moisture content in it and then make a sandy or powdery texture that is even. These are produced with pulverizing slices of bread that are dropped into a food processor and made into coarse crumbs with the steel blades' help in the machine. Sometimes a grater is also used to do the same process. Thus, making bread crumbs is a very tricky procedure and how to make bread crumbs is explained here elaborately. When done industrially the moisture content is checked and then it is marketed commercially. Panko This type of flaky bread is used to coat fried foods and form a crunchy layer to them. And how to make bread crumbs here is answered below. The unique feature of this bread crumb is that it is crispier and creates an airier texture by resisting oil absorption when fried. Therefore, it forms a very light coat and is commonly used in Asian and non-Asian dishes. These types of bread crumbs are made from bread baked by electrical current. When the bread is baked in such a way, it does not form a crust later and then when it is ground; it creates slivers of fine crumb.
How to Make Breadcrumbs at Home?
This is the simplest way on how to make breadcrumbs at home. In this method, it is taken care of that the moisture content is not high in the crumbs. One must follow the following steps. For Panko Crumbs Take a non-stick pan and heat it. Take care that it does not get overheated and toast the bread slices to golden and not brown. Leave it aside for 5 minutes so that it comes to room temperature. They tear the bread slices into small pieces and drop them into a blender. Pulse them 8 to 10 times so that the crumbs turn out to be flaky. This is the best method on how to make breadcrumbs at home for panko. For Plain Crumbs Heat a skillet and toast the slices of bread until it turns brown on both sides. In a similar manner, leave aside for 5 minutes until it reaches room temperature and then pulse in a blender for 10 to 15 minutes to form fine crumbs. This is the best method on how to make breadcrumbs at home for plain crumbs. For seasoned crumbs Mix garlic powder, oregano, Italian bread crumbs, basil, parsley, and salt to season the bread crumbs after making them according to the above methods. And this is the best method on how to make breadcrumbs at home for seasoned crumbs.
Health Benefits of Bread Crumbs
The health benefits of consuming bread crumbs are: The sodium content in the bread crumbs will help to maintain the blood pressure in control. This is done by controlling the heart contractions. The bread crumbs have moderate amounts of fat that are safe and help in gaining muscles quickly. One must balance the body fat percentage in order to build muscle. The bread crumbs recipe acts as a mood booster and resonates with the inner mental condition. The delicious crispy taste has protein that will keep the balance of hormones in the body and makes the mind relaxed. The bread crumbs recipe improves the thinking capability with the help of an enzyme that boosts brain performance. All these will help you stay concentrated throughout the day, allowing you to stay sharp during the class and therefore, it is beneficial for school going kids. As bread crumbs recipe is high in carbohydrates, it tends to make you more relaxing and sleep sound. It also makes your stomach full, enhancing peaceful sleep. When you rest peacefully in a more relaxed manner, you will wake up with a good spirit the next day in the morning. The bread crumbs recipe will help to add weight for underweight people. One will see the effect only after certain days after consumption. Breadcrumbs are very easy to make and it is the answer for how to make bread crumbs fast, even with leftover loaves of bread, follow the same above discussed procedures. This makes us feel good about reducing food waste, and homemade breadcrumbs taste so much better. Another nice thing about bread crumbs is that it stays up to a week in a fridge. When placed in an airtight container, it can stay for up to 2 weeks. And if left in a freezer, it remains without going stale even for 4 months.
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