2-Ingredient Froyo

Time5 Min

Fro-yo or frozen yoghurt is a delicious dessert that's made with milk, cream and natural ingredients. There's no ice-cream making machine involved and the prep is simple. You will find kids stop by ice cream parlours and leave with cups of froyo in their hands. It doesn't just look cool, but it's a really lip-smacking summer treat. Our 2-ingredient froyo uses just two simple ingredients. There ar ... e a wide variety of 2-ingredient froyo recipes you can find online and if you want to go from two to three, you can do that too. Peanut butter, vanilla ice cream scoops, mini marshmallows, and dark chocolate chips - these make for delicious froyo toppings. Using heavier cream will make it thick and kids love it when you sweeten it with raw honey and vanilla essence. The good thing about our 2-ingredient froyo benefits is that we don't use any unnatural ingredients. You prepare 2-ingredient froyo restaurant-style at home from scratch using simple ingredients. We even have a 2-ingredient froyo video to accompany our recipe which shows you how to make it step-by-step. So get ready to have fun with your kids and whip up some tasty treats for the summers! You'll have a blast.

Nutrition Info. (per serving)

ProteinFatCarbsFibre184 Cal184 Cal184 Cal184 Cal
  • 9gProtein
  • 8gFat
  • 18gCarbs
  • 1gFibre





1 cup

Fruits & Vegetables



2 units

In a blender jar, combine mango and curd.
Blend until you get a smooth paste.
Transfer the mixture to a freezer proof container, and let it set for 2 overnight.
Remove from the freezer just before serving. Drizzle some honey on top and serve with nuts/ fresh fruits.
Health Benefits of 2-Ingredient Froyo :
Where do we even start? Froyo is homemade frozen icecream! And ice cream is good for you since it is high in protein, a good source of fats and makes you happy. Besides being high in calcium, several vitamins and minerals, and containing good gut bacteria. The 2-ingredient froyo calories are naturally low. This makes the dessert excellent as a post-workout snack. If you'd like to have a dessert after every meal, you can do that with our delicious froyo. And we make it easy to make since we teach you how to make 2-ingredient froyo at home. If you're adding dried fruit and nuts like raisins, cashews and almonds to your froyo, you will also be getting vitamin E. This helps in hair growth and keeps your skin healthy. Yoghurt is a naturally good probiotic food and if you don't eat a lot of fermented foods, adding this recipe will make a difference to your daily meals. besides this, it also relieves constipation and makes you feel satiated after meals. Contrary to popular belief, adding healthy fats is not bad. It makes it easier to stick to your diet and fuels you through your workouts. So indulge in a cup of this healthy homemade froyo and thank us later when you hit your fitness and health goals! ;)


We hope you had fun making it! Enjoy the meal.

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